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Music & Praise Image

Music & Praise

The Anchorage Korean Corps offers many opportunities for the community to come together and enjoy music and praise.

Join us for music and praise!


10:30 am Choir and Praise Band Practice

11:00 am Worship Services (Adult, Youth, and Children?s)

11:30 am Children's Sunday School 

2:00 pm Choir Practice 

3:00 pm Health Seminar (1st Sunday of the month)

3:00 pm Home League Meeting (every Sunday)


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Music Academy


6:00 am Morning Prayer

3:00 pm Youth Ministries Council Meeting (every 3rd week of the month)

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Music Academy


6:00 am Morning Prayer

5:00 pm Troops Meeting (Adventure Corps, Sunbeam, Girl Guards)

6:00 pm Singing Company

7:00 pm Adult Bible Study, Moonbeam Meeting and Youth Bible Bowl Practice Meeting


6:00 am Morning Prayer Meeting

4:00 pm Women's Ministry Outreach Group Meeting


6:00 am Morning Prayer

6:00 pm Youth Meeting

7:00 pm Family Gym Night (every other week)

7:00 pm Prayer meeting (every other week)


6:00 am Morning Prayer

5:00 pm Choir Practice

7:00 pm Young Adults Group